SooHyun 30 Days Challenge

23. dubna 2015 v 20:51 | Woo_Yong_Ki

|Picture by Karin_Kim55|

Day 1: Is he your bias?
Day 2: If so, how did he start to be your bias?
Day 3: Your favorite OTP that includes SooHyun?
Day 4: Favorite SooHyun parts in songs?
Day 5: Favorite SooHyun parts in MV's?
Day 6: What is your favorite part of SooHyun?
Day 7: What do you like about him?
Day 8: What do you prefer him singing or rapping?
Day 9: What is your favorite SooHyun talent?
Day 10: Your favorite SooHyun lyrics?
Day 11: A hairstyle you DON'T like on him?
Day 12: What would you do if you had him for a week?
Day 13: Tell us about a dream you've had of him!
Day 14: The most sexy picture/gif of him?
Day 15: A picture you wish you'd never see (because of handsomeness)?
Day 16: Your favorite japanese song part of SooHyun?
Day 17: Your favorite japanese MV part of SooHyun?
Day 18: Favorite Era(s)?
Day 19: A concept/era you want him to have again?
Day 20: What is the first thing you thought once you saw him?
Day 21: What do you think about his singing?
Day 22: Do you like him best with or without make-up?
Day 23: Your favorite hairstyle of him?
Day 24: Your favorite picture of him?
Day 25: Rank the following SooHyun eras after your liking: I like you, Collage, 0330, Dear my friend, Stop girl
Day 26: How do you feel when you see him?
Day 27: Your favorite selca of your him?
Day 28: Your favorite SooHyun performance? (it can be him featuring, or other featuring him)
Day 29: Favorite moment in any variety/reality show?
Day 30: Why do you like/love SooHyun?

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